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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently asked questions:

- What is

  • is Pakistan's largest Online Shopping Community where buyers and sellers meet to make best deals. At shoppingpak, we pride ourselves in offering the best prices online in Pakistan for nearly all items sold ranging from makeup and dresses to jewelry and fashion. shoppingpak is the "one stop shop" for buyers looking for top deals and sellers looking to rock their other words offer sellers to sell their products and buyers to buy online with availing different payment methods in pakistan.

-why should i use

  • shoppingpak Online Shopping Community comprises of millions of genuine buyers and sellers completing thousands of transactions. Sellers on shoppingpak are based across the Pakistan bringing in wide variety of products ranging from fashion and makeup to Jewelries and clothes offering the best price in the market.
  • As a buyer, whether you are looking for an inexpensive used phone or a brand new camera, a dress for your wife or an awesome suit for your boyfriend, you can find a selection that works for you with convenient payment methods and reliable product delivery.

- how does it works?

    Buying or selling on shoppingpak is a simple process. All that you need to do is to register for an account to get started. Simply follow the steps below to complete your registration today!
    1. Click MY ACCOUNT button on the right top corner of the homepage.
    2. Click REGISTER button on the page.
    3. Fill up the form to complete the registration.
    4. if you are seller please fill this forum and click on submit.

    Selling with

    - How to sell online with

    • You need to log into your account to create a listing on shoppingpak. If you do not have an account, please create one by clicking on this link.

    - do i need to pay for seller account?

    • No! No upfront costs are required when selling on shoppingpak. Just create your account, upload your products and receive your first orders. you will only pay the commission once you made few selling through

    - what kind of products i can sell online with

    • shoppingpak has more than 25 product categories! Computers, Laptops, Electronic accessories, Jewelries, Watches,makeup,pakistani dresses, replica clothes, Books, Home & Living… anything you have can be sold on, as long as it can be legally sold in the country.

    - how to upload products in

  • you need to read this article for uploading products in

- how to offer a good price to buyers in

  • Determining the right value of your product is very important, especially if your buyers can find the same products in other shops at a better price. To be competitive, make sure to check the prices of other sellers on shoppingpak and on other websites in your country. You should also ask yourself "How much would I be willing to pay for this product?". Remember that you can also set promotional prices for a given period of time, which will increase your visibility on shoppingpak and your chances of selling.

- how to make my products more visible to viewers?

There are some very efficient ways to give more visibility to your listings:

  1. Make sure that your prices are competitive, your titles are catchy, and your descriptions are detailed and accurate
  2. Set discount prices for specific periods of time
  3. Share your products on your Facebook page and on your friend's pages
  4. Insist on receiving ratings from your buyers
  5. ask our team to create a brand for you on our website which will allow buyers to see all of products from single seller like you.

- why my product was not approved?

  • This can be due to several reasons. Did you upload good quality pictures of your product? Did you provide a detailed description? Are you allowed to sell this item? We recommend that you modify your listing and submit it again. Do not hesitate to call us if you want to have more information on why your product has been rejected.

- how do i know that someone brought my product?

  • Once you have received an order, an SMS and/or an email alert are sent to you with the buyer's contact details.

- how to contact the buyer and when?

You should contact your buyer as soon as you receive an order to confirm that you have the product, and arrange for delivery. You should be reachable and ready to answer his questions at any time until the sale is finalized.

- I have received an order but i don't have product anymore what should i do now?

In this case you should cancel the order, and set the level of your stock to 0 for this product. send a message to page or use any other method to inform that you don't have product in stock.

Payment and shippings.

- what are payment methods use in

There are several payment methods being used in and you can choose your best payment method. normally cash on delivery is activated but if you want to add a new payment method or want to customize the cash on delivery payment method you can do it buy clicking on below link.

How to add shipping method in

- why should i have return policy?

  • By having a return policy, your buyers will be more confident in buying from your shop and this will ensure you more sales. You can set your own return policy while creating your listing.

Buying at

- is it free?

  • shoppingpak is 100% free for buyers. We are here to open you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

- who do i buy product from?

  • All items sold on our website are being sold by third parties. Merchants and private individuals who post their listings and are responsible for pictures and descriptions. However, we are screening sellers and listings constantly in an effort to ensure only serious sellers use our website.

- how to find an item in

  • There are two easy steps to find a product of your choice on shoppingpak.
  • Method A - Explore Categories

    If you are not sure of what product you want to buy or if you simply want to explore the range of items on shoppingpak, you can browse the list of categories on the homepage. Then select the subcategory to view multiple products from multiple sellers. Review your search results pages by price, condition of product and item, city and if you see something you're interested in, click on the product name to view more details.

  • Method B - Search Box

    If you are sure of what product you want to buy, simply go to the search box on the homepage, enter a few words describing what you are looking for, and click Search. A search results page of shoppingpak listings will be displayed. Review your search results pages by price, condition of product and item, city and if you see something you're interested in, click on the product name to view more details.

  • Method C - Inform us

    If you do not find your required product please do inform us about your required product via contact details provided on our website, or on our facebook page. we will try our best to arrange that product for you.

- how to buy online with

There are different methods to buy from shoppingpak but the most easiest method to buy is explained in below link.

click here to see how to buy