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Doreamon Atm money bank for kids

Doreamon Atm money bank for kids

Kids atm bank

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As you enter the password the door lock will auto rotate anx opens the door..automatic paper money scroll.. music button and note check light button

Safe in the description:  

My own safe guard their own things. Can be use to store toys, jewelry, baseball CARDS, etc. The coin on the coin slot hole can be put into a coin is like a small piggy bank can put paper money.  

Change password, follow these steps:   

Enter your current password (default 0000) opened the cupboard door insurance.  

Long press "*" button, the light is flashing.  

In 15 seconds to enter the new four password, press "#" confirm new password storage. The lights stop flashing.  

Note: if the new password within 15 seconds did not enter the program will stop, must restart the application.The release of "*" button and close the door.Beep or voice.Enter your current password and open the door.Door will switch (dorsal) or to the left or the right to promote set beep voice.Close the insurance cupboard door.

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