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Mimo head massager ( Buy 1 Get 1 Free )

Mimo head massager ( Buy 1 Get 1 Free )

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Mini massager

Material: ABS resin, rubber
1.Fashion design,modern design,attractive design,small exquisite,and convenient to be taken. and it can be used anytime and anywhere.
2.Freely sliding in the whole body, and arbitrarily massaging any part like back,chest and leg etc.
3.helping users relax the whole body,ease nervous nerve,and promote blood circulation.
4The middle-aged and the old
5.the people who are suffering from Motility muscle strain.


7.packing box:10*10*10.5cm

Work mainly for:
1.the people who have been using computer for long time
2.the people who work on IT field
3.the people who do some high strengh work and must suffer from working pressure
Its vibrating movements benefit blood circulation and improves muscles relaxation and ease sensation.
Color Choice: Blue, Black, White, Purple…
Only 3 batteries to start and consumed power 1.3VA

1, the massager uses 3 AAA batteries.
2, both sitting, standing or lying down can be free to use.
3, battery paste tight after the massage massage massage touch the top part of his hand touched the power switch motor rotation can be.
4, pushing down slightly when massage machine massage to enhance efforts to also go back and forth in the massage area massage.
5, body size, easy to carry, is to live, work and learn essential health products.
For the crowd:
college students, high school, junior high school students so young.
computer operators, accountants, teachers, and various office staff.
long-term fatigue in some of the staff.
Can massage parts: head, neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, hand, foot, leg, face can be used.

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