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Egg Master

Egg Master

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  1. Funnel
  2. Cooking Chamber
  3. Silicon cool-touch ring
  4. Housing
  5. Power light(red)
  6. Temperature Light(Green)
  7. Cleaning Brush
  8. Wooden skewers(5pcs)
  9. Packer used to pack food products in the cooking chamber (refer to RECIPE)
  10. Power cord and plug
  11. Power Switch

Useful Tips:

  • The red right will indicate power is ON. When the green light turns on for the very fast time
  • The Eggmaster is ready for use. The green light will turn ON/OFF during use.
  • Be sure to use non-stick oil spray before each use.
  • It is recommended to insert a wooden skewer in the center of the filled cooking chamber to assist with easy removal of the product.
  • Use the provided packer to push down the product while filling the cooking chamber.
  • If the product begins to rise out of the cooking chamber, pour the product onto a plate to avoid the product from flopping over after rising completely.
  • After removal of the product ,you may turn the product upside down and reinsert into the cooking chamber for abut 2 minutes for a crispier finish.
  • Clean the cooking chamber between each use of a different recipe.

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